A Dynamic Duo of New Feline Fonts for Pusheen

Chank Co created not one but TWO exclusive, new fonts for Pusheen the cat, and the friendly cartoon feline is making good use of it on new web-comics, animations and imaginative new products. The new fonts, Pusheen Tall and Pusheen Cursive pair together nicely because they are both casual and clean headline fonts inspired by a cat’s tail! That’s right, almost every letter in these two new fonts could be made out of a cat’s tail, assuming you could find a cat who’d be willing to put up with those kinds of alphabetic antics.

Working with cartoon characters and making custom fonts for them is one of our favorite things to do here at Chank Co. So very proud to work with such inspirational, delightful and entertaining partners like Pusheen the cat! Meow.

You can see the new fonts in action on a regular basis at the Pusheen website, and also on products they make and sell at Hey Chickadee.