The Limonata font family is a useful and credible text face for sophisticated, contemporary designs. It’s a smart and versatile family of fonts, comprised of 30 styles across a range of three widths.

It’s a legible and direct type family. Ranging in 5 weights (plus italics) from Light to ExtraBold in each width style, Limonata has enough styles to give the expert designer a broad typographic palette to work with.

Inspired by the great serif body text fonts of the past yet aimed at the audience of the future, this is a stylistically broad font family that is considerably more conservative for practical everyday body copy applications. The voice of the Limonata font is a competent and credible new serif text font, with a traditional style presented with modern feels for the new media of the 21st century.

OpenType versions have a few special features, like some smallcaps and oldstyle figures. Purchase it from MyFonts and you’ll get TrueType format in your download as well.

Also available as web type, too, of course.

Chank Diesel
body text, clear, credible, crisp, news, Roman, serif, sharp, smart
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